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Link And Zelda

Who does not like to enjoy gaming? Gaming is a great fun, if you have different gaming options to play. Different video game series have developed with the advancement of technology. One of the most enjoyable game series which has ever developed is The Legend of Zelda. The main characters of this game series include Link and Zelda. If you are not familiar with this game and like to gather resources on this game series then you are at the right place (as well as at: videogamenews).

The game series of The Legend of Zelda is the wonderful creation of Nintendo Entertainment. This game series basically comprises of a mixture action and adventure as well as puzzle solving. The series centers on Zelda and Link, however Link is the main playable character in this series. Link is always given the task for rescuing legend Zelda. For more information on this game series you can check out our contents and also know about Link and Zelda who are the main characters of this series.

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