Link And Zelda In Media

The Legend of Zelda is very popular video games series and in these series the main characters are Link and Zelda. Primarily, the gameplay of these series mainly consists of mixture of action, adventure and puzzle solving as well as role playing. The series mainly centers on Link, who is the main character of these series, he is always given the task for rescuing Princess Zelda from the enemies, most importantly from the main antagonist Ganon. The series is widely popular among the gamers and here in this article will mainly talk about Link and Zelda in media.

As we consider about Link and Zelda in media, we can say that there are a wide variety of Link and Zelda video games and other media creation which have been licensed by Nintendo. However, it is not officially acknowledged as part of the series canon. Considering about video games, there are various Link and Zelda games, the main series include The Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link, The Link to the Past, Links Awakening, Ocarina Of Time, Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, The Wink Waker, Four Swords Adventures, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Phantom hourglass, Spirits Tracks and Skyward Sword. Read on to get more information on Link and Zelda in media.

We have already revealed the main video games of the Link and Zelda. Apart from these various games there are also Link and Zelda or The Legend of Zelda animated series. This clearly shows the main the major involvement and popularity of Link and Zelda in media. Moreover, comics featuring Zelda and link have also been released and additionally manga have also been created based on many of the series’ games. However, the manga and comics are not considered canonical.

There are also CD-i games, LCD Link and Zelda games, unreleased games and spin-off games. You will further find Zelda in other video games. The characters Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda have also made minor appearances in other video games. The Link character also appeared as a fighter in Super Smash Bros, for the Nintendo 64. Link and Zelda, who can transformed into Sheik and Ganondorf also appear as fighters in Super Smash Bros, Melee for the GameCube. Moreover, a low-budget film is being produced titled Legend of Zelda: Hero of Time based also on Ocarina of Time. From the above details on Link and Zelda in media, you can get to know about Link and Zelda games.