Influence Of Link And Zelda Games

The Legend of Zelda is considered to be one of the most popular video game series. The series consists of many different games. The main characters of the series including Zelda and Link are well liked by the players. The game series basically consists of a mixture action and adventure as well as puzzle solving. The series centers on Zelda and Link, however Link is the main playable character in this series. Link is always given the task for rescuing legend Zelda. Since its released, there has been a great influence of Link and Zelda video games to people all over the world.

We can simply say that the huge success and the popularity of the game series have resulted to different influences in popular culture. As far as the influence of Link and Zelda games is concerned, we can simply say that the series has been paranoid which basically includes an episode of The Powerpuff Girls featuring the Mayor of Townsville who plays a spoof of Ocarina of Time. Another influence of Zelda and Link games can also be seen in the season three episode of Robot Chicken, where a skit totally based on the game series has been made giving references to the aspects of the series. Considerable aspects of the series include the existence of multiple Links, Triforce and rescuing Princess Zelda.

Another worth mentioning influence of Link and Zelda video games is when created a fanfilm trailer which was based on the Link and Zelda games as an April fools prank. The impact of Link and Zelda games is so huge that the series led to the creation of The Legend of Neil. This is basically a web-video game series that was aired on Comedy Central, spoofing the original Legend of Zelda game. It has also been revealed that professional wrestler Cody Runnels is a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda game series. His wrestling boots feature or highlight a Triforce symbol. Fans of the series have also produced various artworks relating to the game series most notably the "Zelda Car", painted by Kathy VanWormer.