Link And Zelda Cartoons

The first Link and Zelda cartoons show was produced by DiC Entertainment and it was distributed by Viacom Enterprises. Basically, the Zelda and Link cartoons were shown were aired each Friday as a part of The Super Mario Bros, Super Show in 1989. It has been revealed that the series loosely followed the NES Zelda games. It was just the mixture of settings as well as characters from those games of the series with the original creation. Each of the episodes of the Link and Zelda cartoons show was aired for around fifteen minutes.

The first season of the Link and Zelda cartoons show features only 65 episodes due to the syndicated nature of The Super Mario Bros, Super Show. However, 13 animated Zelda shorts were also featured within the show’s 65-episode run. Moreover, the show’s incarnation of the character Link and Zelda also appeared in several other episodes of Captain N: The Game Master during its 2nd season. In early 1990s, Zelda was also released firstly to the public in the form of two episode VHS tapes. Although only 4 volumes were issued yet the color of the VHS tried to match the gold color of the original NES games.

According to the sources, the Link and Zelda cartoons were also firstly shown in the United Kingdom on TV-am during early 90s as an early morning TV show. However, during this time, they were also shown within The Super Mario Bros, Super Show, at the same time was shown on channel 4 on its Sunday. The voice cast of the cartoons of Link and Zelda includes Cyndy Preston and Jonathan Potts, - Cyndy Preston voice as Princess Zelda and Jonathan Potts as Link.

Regarding the clothes of the cartoons of Link and Zelda, we can say that both closely emulate their video game spirit. Despite Link’s character flaws he has a very noble heart and will go out of his way to protect anyone, especially Zelda. However, considering about Zelda cartoon, she have a more detailed view in comparison to her appearances in the video games.