Link And Zelda Comics

Various adaptations of The Legend of Zelda have also come up with the popularity of this video game series. Especially, in Japan Link and Zelda comics have been published under license from Nintendo. The comics were first published by Variant Comics, which totally based on the game series The Legend of Zelda. However, the comics of Link and Zelda expanded greatly on the land of Hyrule. To be very precise the comics generally fit sometime during or after the second game of the series The Adventure of Link.

As mentioned above the Zelda and Link comics actually fits during or after the second game of the game series, furthermore we have also come to know that some of the characters from the TV series also appear to have been modeled after those from this comic series. The main character or the hero Link is given reddish hair with a big nose. However, the Link and Zelda comics were released on monthly basis, which basically started from February 1990 and continues till august of the same year. In 1993, two volumes of the comics were also released with five issues in each.

The characters of the comics of game series The Legend of Zelda are Link, who is mainly the hero as well as adventurer of Hyrule, Catherine – Link’s horse. The other main character of the story includes Zelda who is the Princess of Hyrule. Besides this, there are also other important characters in the comic series which King Harkinian, the father of Princess Zelda and ruler of Hyrule, Impa – Zelda’s nurse maid. However, another main character is the Ganon, who is the evil wizard and the King of Darkness.

One of the important characters also includes Captain Krin who is the Captain of the Guard of North Castle. However, this character doesn’t appear in any of the video games but it appears as major character in the Link and Zelda comics. Various titles were given by Akira Himekawa team and Ataru Cagiva. However, the comic version of Legend of Zelda series is also liked and loved by the fans of the game series. They enjoy this comic version of the game series.