Link Character

Link is the main protagonist of the popular game series The Legend of Zelda. Link character in this game series is always control by the player or gamer. In simple words, Link in the game series is the hero who defeats the evil and saves the princess Zelda and the land Hyrule. However, Link character is portrayed as the male child or who wears a green tunic and pointed cap for most of each game. The character is always given the tasks for rescuing the princess Zelda. Read on to know more about Link from The Legend of Zelda.

It has also been revealed that Link character in The Legend of Zelda one among the three people who were chosen by gods to save the land of Hyrule. He was even bestowed the power of the Triforce of Courage. Moreover, Link character is often also described as humble and brave, and even majority of the people sometimes refer this character as Zelda since the series is called the Legend of Zelda, and at the same time the series was titled after the princess that he saves.

Link from The Legend of Zelda is also often called as "Hero of Time","Hero of the Winds" or "Hero of Twilight". It has been shown that all the incarnations of Link character are left-handed except in Wii version of Twilight Princess. In this version, Link character is right handed because of mirroring used for accommodating the right handed control scheme, which generally flips the whole game world’s layout from that of its Nintendo Gamecube counterpart. Moreover, Link will also be seen as right handed in the coming game series Skyward Sword.

As far as Link character from The Legend of Zelda is concerned, he doesn’t usually speak but yet produced grunts, yells or similar sounds. However, there is one exception, he does speak or says ‘come on’ in the game series The Wind Waker. However, Link does speak in the cartoon series and the CD-I games basically produced by Phillips though these are not canon materials in the series. However, he does "speak" two lines in the game series The Adventure of Link; when he locates a mirror under a table. In most games, the player can name Link before the start of the adventure, and he will be referred by that given name throughout by the NPCs.