Link And Zelda Music

The most popular video game series The Legend of Zelda which was developed by Nintendo is quite well known and noted for the use of music. Here in this article we will briefly be describing about Link and Zelda music. As a matter of fact, the music of Link and Zelda which has been used in the game series is well liked by the people especially those fans of this game series. Koji Kondo, who has been considered as one of the greatest legend in the video game audio industry has composed much of the music of this popular game series. He was solely responsible for the composition of the soundtrack The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

As far as Zelda and Link music is concerned, the various games of the series often features or highlight the in-game musical instruments, especially in musical puzzles, which are widely circulated. Most frequently, instruments or music for Link and Zelda trigger game events, for instance, the recorder in the game series can actually reveals secret areas and places. In the game, Ocarina of Time, playing instruments as well as music is the important part of the game. In fact the player requires playing the instrument via using the game controller to succeed.

It has been revealed that the game Ocarina of Time of the game series is regarded as the first contemporary non-dance title that features or highlights music making as core part of its gameplay. Along with the use of music as a heuristic device player also need to utilize songs to progress in the game. For instance, a game mechanics is also present in the game Majora’s Mask and however, in different forms, it is also present in other games including The Wind Waker, Oracle of Ages and Spirit Tracks. However, this game mechanics as well as the use of Link and Zelda music in the game series also contributes to the popularity and the success of The Legend of Zelda games.

If we consider about The Legend of Zelda Theme, we can describe it as a recurring piece of music has been composed for the first game of the Franchise. Koji Kondo, who is the composer, primarily planned to use Muarice Ravel’s Bolero as the main theme of the games but was forced to change it. Later on he wrote the Zelda Theme and this Theme song has topped ‘ScrewAttack’s ‘Top Ten Video game Theme Ever’ list. This briefly shows how popular the Link and Zelda music is.