History Of Link And Zelda

The history of Link and Zelda who are the major characters of the game series The Legend of Zelda can be trace back to earlier times in-game stories. However, according to these stories, three goddesses descended and created the land Hyrule. The three goddesses includes Din, the Goddess of Power who created the earth, Nayru – the Goddess of Wisdom who bestowed wisdom upon the land and the Farore, the Goddess of courage, endowed Hyrule with her powers, creating life to follow this justice.

According to the history of Zelda and Link, the three Goddesses which are mentioned above left a sacred artifact known as Triforce after they completed their works. It mainly comprises of three golden triangles each also known as Triforce – one of Wisdom, one of Power and one of courage. From this source, the characters of Link and Zelda have been taken. Link being bestowed the power of the Triforce of Courage and Zelda is also the 2nd person in the trio selected by the gods. She possesses the Triforce of Wisdom.

In the history of Link and Zelda, the Triforce was not divine, and at the same time unable to judge between good & evil. So the goddesses kept the Triforce in an alternate world which is known as the "Sacred Realm" or the "Golden Land", in the hope that the worthy person would one day seek it. Legend have the view that, the one who discovered the Triforce will get the Triforce as a whole and at the same will get the true force to govern all, but the discoverer has to have a balance of power, wisdom and courage.

It has been revealed that if the heart of the discoverer is pure then, the Sacred Realm will become a paradise. However, if the heart is evil the Sacred Realm will become a horrible world of evil. If unbalanced, they will only get the part of the Triforce that represents the characteristic they must demonstrate, with the remaining parts of the whole transferring into the people in Hyrule who most exemplify the other two traits. Link and Zelda history revealed the Triforce was thus distributed, with the Triforces of Power, Wisdom, and Courage being transferred to Ganondorf, Princess Zelda, and Link, respectively. This briefly shows the history behind Link and Zelda as well as how they are being bestowed with powers.